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New Products for 2019

I apologize that I am avoiding the blogs. I am not a good writer and it is hard for me to express myself. Here are some updates from 2018 to the current date. I still operate on 312 Main Street Metuchen NJ. You need to call me in advance because even if Google says I am at work, it doesn’t mean that I am in the studio. I may meet  vendors or work from home. I am usually in the studio for either a photo session, cleaning the studio or meeting a client for consultation. So please call me and set up an appointment with me, so I will have all my attention on you.

This year, I have done many Sweet Sixteens. This is a great way to celebrate your daughter’s birthday. We do hair and makeup for them and create photographs for them to cherish. Very few of these events have professional photographers attending them. Some don’t even have big parties and this is a great way for them to feel special.  

I also was published in local Metuchen Mirror newspaper. The article was about 4 photographers in Metuchen area that create different art for their clients. That was something exciting for me to do and I also had to go to a professional photographer and get my own professional headshot for the article. It gave me something to experience.  I also won two Bronze for Portrait Master for two photographs of the girls. Hoping to win Silver next time. Competition is super high so winning even Bronze is already a privilege. (You should probably avoid this)

This year I also decided to push on Boudoir and I believe it is pretty successful. I have had many ladies who were interested to explore something more exciting in their lives. Some clients told me how they regretted not doing it sooner when they were younger. I want to tell everyone to stop shaming your self for a beautiful body that was given to you by God. We do classy, tasteful photographs and we work with every woman individually. I understand some women can’t show their beautiful photos to everyone because of their career. Which is totally understandable! But we still want to capture your beauty. 

I am also excited to announce that on December 14th I am giving out a special gift, so if you are pregnant or have a pregnant friend please share this post. I am trying to push my social media, please check out my two Instagram accounts, Maria Manjelo Photography and boudoir_photographer_nj. My Facebook is Maria Manjelo. If you have any questions please click on CONTACT and write your email and I will reply to you. Thank you.

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