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Why Do a Maternity Photography

Why is it important for mothers and pregnant Moms to be photographed? As a Maternity photographer I hear all kinds of excuses why a mom doesn’t want to take photographs with their children or during pregnancy. It’s not easy to convince a Mom that it is as important for you to exist in your family portraits with your children.

Some day you will leave our beautiful earth and your children will start looking through your photographs to try to remember all the good and old memories. They may not find  as many photographs of you  because you were constantly behind the camera asking for their beautiful smiles.

You have to exist in the photographs for your children. They love you and you are as much important to them as they are important to you. Its this will that can add happiness to your kids. They don’t care if you are overweight or you have no makeup or  you are not wearing the right clothes.

You are always a beautiful mommy in their eyes. No money will ever buy that un-captured moment for them. Your pregnancy photographs will last a lifetime. Stop pushing yourself down and think that you don’t have enough time or enough money to take a photo of yourself and skip it to take photos of just your kids. You are important and you are way important for your children.

P.S. This is Heather and Angel with their children. I photographed Heather during her both pregnancies and newborns sessions for two of her sweet children. Take a look, can you figure out which  are from first child’s session and the second?


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