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Great Photoshop Actions for Photographers and Editors.

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Greater Than Gatsby a premium Photoshop Action & Lightroom Preset developer, to try out their Photoshop actions and give them a review. Honestly, I am the last photographer that the company should have contacted. I send my photos to editors, I don’t have the time or skills to do editing on my own photographs but I am always happy to help any other company, and I still do a little editing on some of my photographs from time to time. 

So I decided to keep an open mind and I asked them to send me the link to their actions, I spent some time learning how the actions work and see how they can be implied to any of my work and in which situations I’d need them. The set that I received was called Innocense, it was much softer and had many pastel and earthen tone filters. What I really liked about their actions compared to the actions that I already had, was that I could continue to press on play and action after action would work smoothly. I didn’t even have to group them or flatten the image or create extra layers. It was done all automatically and you could easily just turn one layer off and continue to work.

My favorite actions became the ” Base eye makeover” I liked that because you can fix the subject’s eyes and it looked more natural and wasn’t so harsh as just dodge and burn tool would do. Also, I really enjoyed the ” Smoother Retain Detail” action, it was smoothing the skin while keeping the details of the photograph. My other favorite; and I started using it all the time for any of my portraits is ” Mouth Makeover Brush”, I can add soft pink or red tone to the lips and it looks very natural.  It also has plenty of great other actions like Balance Corrector and Emotion Color Base and Vignettes.

I would definitely suggest purchasing these actions and you can choose actions for Photoshop and Lightroom. These actions are perfect for anyone that like to click the button once and see the magic come alive, you can control it with opacity and add new actions on top with just a clicking a button away! It is a great product and you should definitely add this to your workflow.

Here are the links to their beautiful website and to the collection that I am using a lot.



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