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Have you heard of Photographic Spa?

We live in a time when everything around us spinning like a carousel, sometimes you are wondering if you are on that carousel or you have become one with it. I don’t know about you but I personally feel like I need to get off it once in a while, I get nauseous quickly in rides and even in cars. My drastic stops used to be like getting on Instagram for a week because I felt like I was getting depressed,  now my norm is to shut off my Facebook account. I keep telling my self that social life isn’t the real one, it can be as real as much as you wish it to be. Reality is where you live day to day. After I quit Facebook, I actually read two books in one month and got involved in social meetings for creative people, I am finishing them up now because as an artist you have to learn about things you never really considered, and apply it to your day to day life.

Now, let’s see what is your reality and your social life and see if you are looking for any escapes in your own life? If you are like me and have a full plate with small, multiple children in your house, a work or business that you have to run and no time for anything else to enjoy, then you have to do drastic escapes for your sanity. You have to feed your soul and give a quiet time for your brain to clear things out. Yoga, movie night or even a relaxing massage is great and I know there are regulars for everything, have you heard about  Photographic Spa? Probably not because it is a concept that I created for my clients. Do you want to find out more about it?

Photographic Spa – is about 3 hours of a little different treatment that you are used to, a short getaway from your everyday activities, from your family and work. It includes girl-to-girl talk that includes about anything but kids and husbands. It’s a little escape where you get pampered and where you get beautiful and you look your best. We style your hair and give you alluring makeup and you pose and model for me in your best clothes.  We capture your youth, beauty, a moment of your life and allowing you to forget about everything for just three hours. It is actually better than any spa because at the end you also receive an exquisite portrait of your self and it will remind you every time you look at it that you are somebody and you are here on this earth for a good reason and this your proof.

So if you want a different adventure,  out of your home but you are scared, you can bring your friend/sister or mother for the photo shoot and have separate sessions together. We will make sure you will receive great photos of the two or three of you together as well.  It is an experience that you will remember for the rest of your life. Let us help you to escape this reality!


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