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Metuchen Portrait Photographer – Be Thankful for your family.


For the next two weeks, I am New Jersey Portrait Photographer inviting all children to invest in their mothers who are so deserved. In addition, we would love to help you spend a little more time with your mother. Instead of an average and quick little brunch, you could invite your mother, your grandmother, your aunt, and enjoy some quality time together! Mothers love to spend time with their children, with their grandchildren, and for her, nothing is more important than a photograph. A photograph that she can frame and hang on her family wall. As a Metuchen Portrait Photographer, I am inviting you and your special family to do something different this mothers day. To feel like you are going back into the past, where family meant everything and people would dress up just to get photos taken and where they all congregated together for family portraits. It is a small investment, but it will become a priceless photograph, for all generations. All in one portrait.

When was the last time you took pictures with your mother, or your grandmother? Do you even have photographs of your uncle and your aunt? With the digital generation upon us, people stop appreciating printed photographs. However, there is something with printed photographs that can never be achieved with a digital copy, and that is a physical portrait will always be enduring. Due to statistics, thirty percent of digital copies will be damaged or corrupted within five years. The photographs within your cellular device will never be printed. How many times have you purchased a new phone in the past ten years? Do you know how many photos you have already lost? The fact is that printed photographs in the right environment will last you a century. This is an investment, not just for the present but for your future generations to come. Take the time to appreciate a moment today, and save it for decades to come.








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