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New Jersey Maternity Photographer – Top 20 photographers

I had a big surprise last week! My dull day went from blah to ta-da! As New Jersey Maternity Photographer, I receive lots of emails. I am constantly checking my email and this day  I was sorting my emails, which I have to do frequently and I noticed a weird name. I would usually just delete it, thinking that it was spam but something made me stop. I looked at the subject and it said, Best of 2018: Maria Manjelo Photography LLC. When I clicked on it, this is what it’s said:

New Jersey Maternity Photographer - Top 20
 Hey Maria,
I wanted to reconnect with you to see if you had a second to check out the article we featured you in that I recently sent over. Here it is again: https://www.expertise.com/nj/jersey-city/maternity-photographers
 We also designed a new Expertise badge for 2018 that you can use on your website or across your social media accounts to show your clients you have been recognized as one of the best in the industry.
I got nominated for best Top 20 Maternity Photographer of Jersey City!  Even though I live a little far from Jersey City and my studio is in Metuchen New Jersey but to be surrounded by 50,000 photographers and about 5 photographers just in less than a mile radius. I am thrilled and humbled and excited and very happy about this achievement. Someone asked me if  I applied to this
which I didn’t but even if I did, someone took time to recognize it. I am happy when people look at my website and write reviews and allow me to share their wonderful moments.
I am also happy when people take time and just look through my work and see something special to them and enjoy going through my website. I have plenty of new things coming up this year and I am very excited for the next two weeks to create few more projects and finish the one that I started.  If you are pregnant and want to do some special photographs of your self. Call the best Maternity Photographer in town, Me!

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