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New Jersey Portrait Photographer – Traditional clothes photo shoot.

I am New Jersey Portrait Photographer, I love to photograph teenagers in traditional costumes. Teenagers are fun, easy to talk to and are not as complicated as adults. Many of them are very open and ready to do any project. My friend artist is creating traditional costumes for Russian folk musical groups and theatre. Every first costume they design, they give me the costume and a headdress to photograph. I also love to make something beautiful and creative for myself and for them as well. Teenagers are perfect only because many of the traditional clothes are made of very heavy material like linen and velvet or silk and it makes the model look older than she is actually is.

Lately, I started receiving phone calls from clients that want the whole family to wear traditional clothes for their photo shoot. I am welcoming any of you, who would be interested to do something like this for your family to come for consultation. We also do hair and makeup for the session, this is a perfect time to create something wonderful for your family and for generations to come. The first thing you need to call me for consultation, so we can figure out what colors and what costumes do you have and what do we need to add to your session. I can also show you my products and prices. You can purchase something from the album to a beautiful large canvas so you can hang it on your wall as a beautiful portraiture of your family.

You don’t have to wait until summer to do something like this. I have my photography studio in Metuchen right on the Main Street with my own parking lot and you are welcome to come in as soon as possible. I have different colors backgrounds and canvases for you to look at. If you are looking for some ideas, here what we created for artist’s project.


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